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We would like to highlight one particular college major that you may find interesting. The field of computer-based animation and design is a really interesting and almost enjoyable area of art and design. People use the latest computer software to help design moving graphics and animation for television, film and the web.

Many of the jobs are in the bigger cities, but if you want to live and work in a big city and do some interesting work, this could be your profession. Read more.

Seattle, WA ( Nov 25, 2013 -- Computer Science School, a new online college consumer resource, is now open for business.

The website can help people interested in the computer science and information technology field find potential colleges or schools that offer related classes or complete degree programs. Read it:

Car Mechanic Training Classes:

Do you like working on cars? Are you looking for a career field that combines your interests with a good-paying job? Have you considered the field of auto mechanics? Qualified auto mechanics are always in demand, and the pay is pretty good. And you can get started fairly quickly, most training programs are short.
Sound kind of interesting?

Seattle, WA ( Dec 4, 2013 -- Schools In Seattle, an online education consumer resource, has opened its virtual doors.

The site assists prospective students learn more about schools, degrees and classroom training opportunities in the greater Seattle, Washington area. Read it:

Heading for a computer science or information technology career?

Or maybe a nursing career is more your speed.

( -- September 4, 2013) Milwaukee, WI -- Schools In Milwaukee, a brand new education and consumer career training resource, is now available online.

The free web site can help prospective students look for and select a college or other school in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. Read it:

Read some other education writing:

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