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If you spent your entire life in Florida, and you would like to move away for your college years, you can either stay in the southeast or go further away. Many Florida students like to stay somewhat close to home so that the travel time at school breaks and holidays isn't so long.

Tennessee and Kentucky colleges are popular with young Florida students. You can read more about colleges in Tennessee and browse school options in Kentucky.

( -- November 22, 2013) Seattle, WA -- Online Management School, a new web-based business career training resource, is now open and ready to use. is a website where visitors can learn about universities, colleges and private schools that offer degrees in business management or individual manager training classes. Read it:

Taking Interior Design Classes:

Can you see yourself working in the interior design field?
Wondering how to get started?
Very few schools offer degrees in interior design. Many of the top schools are located just in the biggest cities, but there are some other options. You can check out some good choices at

Considering going to nursing school? Learn more about it.

( -- Aug 30, 2013) Portland, OR -- Oregon Online College, a new web-based college student education resource website, is open for business.

The web site assists students who are looking for good colleges or vocational training options in Oregon. Read it:

Look at these other education writing:

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