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A good portion of Florida business graduates go on to earn their master's degree in business eventually. One trend that we are seeing is an increase in students enrolling in graduate school as soon as they earn their bachelor's degree in business. Since the job market is pretty tough in some cities, students are deciding that the best place to be is in school.

By earning their MBA, young business majors are hoping they will have an edge on the other students graduating with just a BA degree. It's not a bad strategy. Check into some of the options for earning your MBA.

Atlanta, GA ( Nov 19, 2013 -- Schools of Atlanta, a new college consumer resource, is now available online.

Visitors to the website can find out details about schools in Atlanta and neighboring Georgia cities. It is a free information resource. Read it:

Community Colleges:

Do you know the most affordable way to get a college degree? It isn't spending four years at a private university. And it isn't spending four years at a state college either. The cheapest way is to complete two years at your local community college first.

Want to find out how it works? Visit

Planning on attending a Nevada college or school?

How about a nursing college in Massachusetts?

( -- Aug 24, 2013) Sacramento, CA -- California Schools Online, a new college and career training information resource, is now open to the public.

The site assists interested individuals who want to find good, affordable universities or other schools in the state of California. Read it:

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