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Florida is also a college destination for students from up north who want to attend college in a warm climate. Some high school students have also heard about the casual lifestyle of the Florida college student, and this also appeals to some of them. These types of students will often consider Arizona and California as well when deciding upon which colleges to apply to. Read more about schools in Arizona.

( -- November 13, 2013) Chicago, IL -- Food safety in restaurant kitchens is the topic of the latest video by Chef Ted Cutting.

This video is part of a series of training videos that offers tips and advice for aspiring chefs, culinary arts students or anyone else who is interested in learning more about cooking. Read it:

Careers in IT:

There are good careers in information technology.
The career field of information technology is still hot. Qualified graduates can usually find good jobs upon graduation. While some IT degree programs are four years long, others can be much shorter. If you have considered a career in computer science or information technology . . . but you haven't done anything about it yet -- what are waiting for? You can learn more right now.

Considering a culinary school? Find out more.

Or maybe a healthcare school? Learn more.

( -- Aug 22, 2013) Seattle, WA -- Online Design Classes, a new web-based college consumer resource, is now live on the Web.

The site can help anyone who is interested in a career in graphic arts and design learn more about the design field and what kind of formal training is required to work in this field. Read it:

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