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The career field of criminal justice has really grown up in the past 15 years. Law students that don't want to pursue a career as a lawyer sometimes go into an area of criminal justice.

Kansas City, MO ( November 7, 2013 -- Schools in Kansas City, a new education and school consumer resource, is now available online.

The web site can help students look for a good university or college in the Kansas City area. Read it:

Online Undergraduate Degrees:

Earning a four-year degree can be a great career starter. Some employers want all of their employees to have an undergraduate degree. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to commit to four consecutive years of campus classes. Wouldn't it be great if there was an alternative?
There is . . . Visit

Planning on earning a bachelor's degree? Read more about it --

( -- Aug 16, 2013) Nashville, TN -- Tennessee Online College, a brand new higher education resource, is now open online.

The website may help prospective students locate the right university, college or vocational training institution in the state of Tennessee. Read it:

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