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The information technology field is still one of the hottest career fields in town. Technology students that also take a business minor in college often find some good responses during the job search process.

Detroit, MI ( October 28, 2013 -- Michigan Online School, an online college and career preparation information website, is now open for business.

The Michigan Online School web site is designed to help site visitors find good quality colleges and other education opportunities in Michigan cities. Read it:

Careers in the Fashion Business:

Got an eye for fashion? Have you considered a career in the fashion industry? The fashion field needs creative types such as fashion designers and merchandisers. It also needs people to handle the business side, such as marketing and management. If you have an interest in fashion . . . maybe you should look into making it your career.

Frankfort, KY ( Aug 7, 2013 -- Kentucky Online School, a brand new college education guide website, is now available online.

The web site is set up to help site visitors learn more about universities and other schools in the state of Kentucky or that serve Kentucky residents via online learning options. Read it:

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