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The bachelor degree is still the most popular diploma students are working towards. But things are a little different these days. College students don't have to take all of their classes in a traditional classroom any longer. Most schools offer online class options for many of their undergraduate coursework.

Seattle, NY ( October 24, 2013 -- Liberal Arts Colleges, an online education and university information website, has opened its virtual doors.

The web site discusses universities and other formal education options for residents in the United States. Read it:

A Career in Nursing:

Thinking about a career in nursing? Experienced nurses often have their pick of different positions. But nursing is a tough job -- it isn't right for everyone. But if you want, you can get finished fast -- in two years or less. And you can find out if nursing is right for you.

Thinking about a culinary arts school?

( -- Aug 14, 2013) Seattle, WA -- Online College Class, an online higher education information resource, is now up and running.

The web site helps prospective college students in the USA select a university or other educational option. The site discusses private and public schools, including specialty schools and vocational institutes, but focuses mainly on web-based classes. Read it:

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