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Are you trying to finish your master's degree?

Did you know that almost 30% of college graduates go on to earn a master's degree?

Having a graduate degree is great to have on your resume.

And on average, graduate degree holders earn more money than people who have just a four-year degree.

Kinda makes you want to finish your master's, doesn't it?

Visit to learn more.

What do you think about a healthcare career? You could most likely find a school in your town.

Chicago, IL ( October 23, 2013 -- Illinois Culinary Classes, a brand new culinary training and education resource, is now open to the public.

The web site may help individuals who are interested in enrolling at a local Illinois culinary arts training program learn more about their education and career options and see some actual school choices. Read it:

Careers in Criminal Justice:

Would you consider a career in criminal justice? The criminal justice field has a wide variety of careers, from law enforcement to government work. The pay, job specifics and required career training all vary by field.

Sound interesting? You can get the specifics here.

Austin, TX ( Dec 5, 2013 -- Texas College Classes, a brand new higher education information resource, is now available to use.

The website was built to help prospective students learn more about colleges, schools and other formal education and career training opportunities in the state of Texas. Read it:

Planning on enrolling at a school in Cleveland? Learn more.

( -- Aug 10, 2013) San Francisco, CA -- Schools in San Francisco, a new web-based education and career training website, is now open for business.

The website can help prospective students in northern California select the right college or university in the greater Bay Area. Read it:

Look at these other education writings:

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