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Are you interested in a career in interior design?

There are very few colleges that offer degrees in interior design.

Are you curious about how most interior designers got started in the business?

Many professional designers started out by just taking a few classes at a local college or online school.

Atlanta, GA ( October 7, 2013 -- Georgia Online Schools, a new college education information resource, has opened and is now available to the public.

The website may help local Georgia residents or other students who are considering enrolling at a school in Atlanta or other Georgia city find some good education options. Read it:

Online Business Degrees:

Are you considering a college major in business?
Are you wondering how you are going to afford 4 years at an expensive college? Maybe you don't have to go to college the old-fashioned way. There are some other school options that are more convenient and flexible and that are less-expensive too.

Going for a Seattle-based school? See more about it --

How about a nursing or healthcare career? Going to college in Florida can be pretty great.

( -- Aug 8, 2013) Columbus, OH -- Ohio Cooking Classes, an online culinary arts education information website, is now open to visitors.

The website attempts to help out anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in the culinary arts. The site offers information specifically about career training options in the state of Ohio. Read it:

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