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Latin used to be a language that serious scholars studied. That isn't the case much any longer. But having a basic understanding of it can help out a variety of people in different careers. Check out

( -- October 4, 2013) Seattle, WA -- Online MBA Courses is proud to announce the 10-year anniversary of their website -- The website is a guide for students who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in business.

For 10 years, has been helping online viewers research colleges and graduate schools. Most of these visitors are people interested in earning their master's degree through part-time coursework. Read it:

Careers in Photography:

Would you like a career as a photographer?
Does the idea of spending your time taking pictures sound like a good work day? Professional photographers can end up in one of several different careers. But all photographers need to get some good formal training and develop specific skills. You can learn more right now at

Considering a Texas college? Read more about it.

Nursing is a hot profession. Maybe it's right for you. Ohio area students could enroll at a local school.

Portland, OR ( Aug 5, 2013 -- Schools in Portland, a new college education information website, has opened its virtual doors.

The site helps residents in the Portland and Northwest Oregon area search for a good local university or other school that offers the type of degree program they are looking for. Read it:

Take a look at some other education topics:

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