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Are you still trying to complete your college degree?

Do you know what percentage of full-time students who start a degree actually complete it?

Only 58%.

Just 58% finish their four-year degree.

Not every student has the luxury of spending every day at a campus for four years straight.

Earning your degree can be made easier by enrolling in online college classes.

Visit to learn how you can get your degree.

Phoenix, AZ ( Sept 16, 2013 -- Schools of Phoenix, a new web-based college education resource, is now open to the public.

The website is designed to help readers who are considering attending a college in the Phoenix, Arizona area. The site discusses various options and allows visitors to browse many of the local schools. Read it:

Dental Assistant Training:

Want to work in a dental office?
Typical dental office jobs include:
-- dentist
-- dental hygienist
-- dental assistant
-- office manager

Becoming a dentist takes many years of school. But dental assistant training is short. You can get trained fast and start working fast.

Las Vegas, NV ( Dec 2, 2013 -- Nevada Online Schools, an online college and career training resource, is now open for business.

The web site is designed to help readers locate a suitable college or university in Nevada. Read it:

Considering an online school? Learn more.

What about a nursing college?

( -- Aug 2, 2013) Seattle, WA -- A new website that is intended for individuals who are interested in training for a career in the criminal justice or law enforcement fields is now open to the public.

Online Criminal Justice Schools is a new website dedicated to educating students who are interested in criminal procedures and legal terminology. The right website provides information about online classes for students who want to become police officers, probation officers, private security workers, federal law enforcement agency officers, paralegals or other related career positions. Read it:

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